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An Unforgettable Evening of World Electronica with Huun Huur Tu & Carmen Rizzo, June 9th and 10th
    The ancient, mystical sounds of Tuvan throat singing meet the digital throb of contemporary electronica in the inspired collaboration of world music superstars Huun Huur Tu with electronic musician/producer Carmen Rizzo. On June 9th and 10th, the MIM Music Theater will come alive with performances by this mesmerizing East-meets-West ensemble. 
    “An extremely powerful live experience” —The Huffington Post
    “Lush electronics, beautiful string arrangements and those incredible voices that defy any notions that you might have of what a human voice should be capable of.  This is fusion music at its most creative” —Global Noize

    Tuva is a Russian republic nestled along the northeast border of Mongolia. Its traditional culture blends Shamanism with Tibetan Buddhism and has fostered many rich musical traditions including throat singing. In this highly unique vocal style, the singer produces a drone note and a series of overtones that can take the form of a harmonic sweep or a distinct melody. In effect, Tuvan throat singers can sing two notes at once. The result is nothing short of spellbinding.

    One of the leading exponents of Tuvan folk music and throat singing, Huun Huur Tu was formed in 1992. The quartet’s name means sunbeams or “sun propeller.” They accompany their vocals on traditional Tuvan instruments such as the igil or horsehead fiddle, doshpullur (plucked lute), and tungur (shaman drum).  While firmly rooted in Tuvan folk music, which evokes the region’s vast steppe terrain and equestrian culture, Huun Huur Tu have always adventurously crossed musical and geographic borders, collaborating with everyone from Frank Zappa to the Kronos Quartet to the Chieftains.

    Multitalented musician, producer, engineer, re-mixer, and film composer, Carmen Rizzo’s resume includes projects with Alanis Morissette, Seal, Coldplay, kd lang, Pete Townshend, and British superstar club DJs Paul Oakenfold and BT. California born, the two-time Grammy nominee made his solo debut in 2005 with the downtempo electronica masterwork The Lost Art of the Idle Moment. Rizzo has also led two groundbreaking world electronica groups, Niyaz and Lal Meri, garnering heavy rotation airplay at tastemaker outlets like KCRW, XM, and NPR.

    Magic. The roller coaster dynamics and headrush oscillator sweeps of Rizzo’s 21st century electronica find a perfect counterpart in the steppe mountain majesty and rich natural throat harmonics of Huun Huur Tu’s traditional Tuvan sounds. There’s a cinematic quality to the music they make together, a sense of striding boldly into the future while simultaneously delving deep into ancient mysteries. And there is no better place to experience this awe-inspiring musical fusion than the MIM Music Theatre with its superb acoustics, gorgeous natural wood-and-stone architecture, and intimate vibe.
    “Carmen’s electronic sounds and ambient electronics propel the songs into an otherworldly place.” — Inside World Music
    “Like a warped Asian Version of Radiohead.”— Lucid Culture
    “Tasty Tuvtronica.” —Soundroots

Huun Huur Tu & Carmen Rizzo:
Wednesday June 9 at 7:30 PM
Thursday June 10 at 7:30 PM
Tickets: $40, $45 and $50 at, by phone at480.478.6001, or at the MIM Ticket Office.    
Media contact:  Alan di Perna    480.816.8168 

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