Rabbi Dan Needs Your Help

Keep the Arizona Deptartment of Juvenile Corrections Open

By Rabbi Dan Hayman, Shalom Phoenix — February 3, 2010

Shalom Friends:

For several years, I have been a member of the Religious Advisory Committee for the Arizona Deptartment of Juvenile Corrections (ADJC) and a prison religious volunteer. I am familiar with the programs and education that youth get through ADJC, including our Russian and Jewish youth who get into trouble. Some kids are referred to me for counseling. I visit our Russian people in jails and prisons.

Now due to financial problems, the Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, wants to close down ADJC and keep the youth in other jails and correctional institutions. See the The Executive Budget: State Agency Budgets, Fiscal Year 2011, page 100.

I am against closing ADJC and am voicing my objection by writing to State Senators and House Representatives.

I also ask that you look into this matter. If you agree this is a bad proposal, you can help by telling your legislators. Tell them you are against closing the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections (ADJC). The Governor cannot close the ADJC without the approval of the Arizona Legislator — the Senate and House Representatives.

Each of us has one State Sentor and two House Representatives — 3 people who vote for us at the State Capital to make our laws. How do you find them?

If you know what legislative district you live in, you will find your Sentator and Representatives on this list of Members.

If you do not know your district number or how to contact your representatives, then call these phones numbers for information about:
  • Senators (602) 926-3559
  • House Representativess  (602) 926-4221
Or call me, I and I can help you in Russian.

Rabbi Dan Hayman
Shalom Phoenix

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