Corrections to "Shield Foundation Shelter Shakedown" (Edited)

Facts from police reports, court documents and other government sources

Edited from original submission by "Anonymous". The information in the Internet article "Shield Foundation Shelter Shakedown"  by Carey Roberts (, November 17, 2008) appears to originate from Arizona Russian immigrant Yefim Toybin who has been slandering Russian Americans in Arizona since 2004. A Google search on April 15, 2009 found the article and links to it on at least 42 web sites. Since then some articles and links have been removed for violating the Terms of Service of the Internet service providers. Hartzog and Lawrikow are friends of Toybin.
Shield Foundation Shelter Shakedown(1) 

by Carey Roberts(2)
(1) SHIELD Foundation is not a shelter, it is an Arizona non-profit organization helping victims in domestic violence situations and assisting Arizona families in difficult circumstances, mostly in the Russian language. The "Shakedown" is this article with many mistakes.
Bob Hartzog of Glendale, Ariz. was roused out of his slumber by a ringing phone. It was the cops. According to the policeman, Hartzog's wife Valentina charged he had forced her to have sex and threatened to kill her. The officer, stationed outside of Hartzog's home, ordered him outside. (2) Carey Roberts' columns appears to be an Internet "yellow journalist" (жёлтая пресса),  intentionally sensationalistic to attract conservative readers. His biography says "His best-known work was an exposé on Marxism and radical feminism" and mentions Rush Limbaugh, but there is no mention about Roberts on the Lumbaugh web site. Roberts often writes against domestic violence assistance and feminists.
Opening his front door, Hartzog found himself looking down the barrels of five loaded guns.(3) Uncomprehending, he thought it must be a joke. (3) This is standard police procedure for suspects who have a gun and a record of previous assaults.
As Mr. Hartzog was hauled away to the police station(4), he spotted his Ukrainian-born wife in a parked car with another woman. He would later learn her accomplice was Olga Chaikheeva, a Russian immigrant who runs an abuse shelter(5) called the Shield Foundation, located in nearby Phoenix. (4) Robert Hartzog: Police Reports shows he was arrested on August 17, 2004 for:
  1. AA/Deadly Weapon/Other
  2. Domestic Violence
  3. Criminal Damage/Deface/Damage Property
  4. Threatening
On August 23, 2009, Hartzog was prosecuted for "aggravated assault, and threatening or intimidating", Case CR2004-020777, Glendale Justice Court.

(5) Again, SHIELD Foundation is not a shelter. Valentina found the SHIELD Foundation from victim's rights information routinly provided by police. Here are links to "victim's rights pamphlets" on the web sites for: State of Arizona Courts, Phoenix Police Department, Arizona Governor's Office, and the City of Glendale Court Domestic Violence Information. Valentina would have been given most of this required information.
As a bewildered Hartzog waited to be booked on charges of aggravated assault, little did he suspect at that very moment his house was being stripped of everything that could be pawned off in the Black Market — his passport, wallet, jewelry(6), computer, printer(7), the title to his Mitsubishi(8), and more, all worth about $15,000(9). (6) Hartzog's passport, wallet, or jewelry were never taken  There is no police report about such theft. These are allegations made up years later.

(7) The computer, printer, etc. were community property, and his wife had a right to use them.

(8) The Mitsubishi car was Hartzog's gift to his wife Valentina, and her name was on the title. Hartzog's owned a truck which stayed untouched in the driveway of the house.

(9) Hartzog lied to the Court about other items taken by his wife, and never showed proof of ownership. After court hearings his allegations of being robbed expanded.
Within hours Valentina withdrew $2,500 from his bank account(10). The Mitsubishi was sold to a company called Quick Fleet Auto(11), a fly-by-night operation owned by Artt Smasch(12). By interesting coincidence, Mr. Smasch was the paramour of Olga Chaikheeva. (10) The family joint bank account was community property, and his wife had legal right to use her funds. Valentina withdrew less than half and left $3,000 in the joint account.

(11) The name "Quick Fleet Auto" was fictitiously created for this article. There is no such business entity that can be found.

(12) There no such "fly-by-night" operation owned by Artt Smasch" nor has a report about such a business been filed with the Better Business Bureau.
During the ensuing months Hartzog "sweated bullets(13)," as he told me, worried he might end up doing time for a crime he never committed. But he passed the polygraph test(14) with flying colors and Valentina's story didn't hold up. A year later the D.A. dropped the charges(15). (13) Harzog was afraid to be convicted of a felony for assaulting his wife.

(14) The polygraph test is not admissible as evidence in Arizona courts.

(15) The prosecutor had to drop the charges because the witness refused deposition, to testify under oath.
But Hartzog never got his purloined property back(16). (16) See 5-8 above.
Five years ago CBS "60 Minutes" ran a program called "Russian Roulette". The segment chronicled Russian women who dupe unsuspecting Australian men into marrying them. The show featured one Ivan Duhs. Falsely accused and summarily evicted from his home, the wife cleaned out the house, right down to the light switches and toilet roll holders(17). (17) The Australian version of 60-Minutes aired this segment: "Russian Roulette" on Sunday, May 11, 2003. The Internet web sites on which men can find a mail-order-bride are usually not involved in the buyers decisions. Also see: Beware Russian Web-Order Brides: Many Men Falling For Online Scams, Giving Away Their Hearts, Money (April 14, 2005 | CBS Evening News, by Jaime Holguin, Tempe, Arizona)
Marriage scams are also widespread in the United States, but with a novel twist.
One immigration official describes the ploy this way: "Beautiful young women entice a poor, unsuspecting 40-50-year old into marrying them(18), and then methodically proceed to ruin his life: calling 911 to report a wife- beating.going to a domestic abuse shelter and systematically documenting every step." That's exactly what happened to Bob Hartzog. (18) Which "immigration official "?  Court testimony showed that Robert Harzog was in his 30s. He went to Ukraine and filed all documents for Valentina, which took a long time, while he was in regular contact with the marriage service.
Now back to Olga Chaikheeva and her Shield Foundation(19). (19) SHIELD Foundation is not Olga's property. She works there.
According to its website, the Shield Foundation offers one-stop shopping for Russian immigrants: assistance with low-income housing, food stamps, Green Card, and Social Security numbers(20). And for women who aren't happy in their marriages, the group provides legal help to procure protection orders and divorce decrees: (20) SHIELD's services are free to victims. SHIELD can only assist victims to apply for services, and does not issue Government documents.
But some say Olga's well-meaning efforts go too far.(21) (21) Most who say the law goes "too far" are abusers who get caught, become angry and retaliate.
According to a complaint filed by the Arkansas Justice Center(22), the Shield Foundation is actually a "phony women's abuse shelter." Her Shield Foundation "intimidates the women to file an Order of Protection with the City and Municipal Courts against their husbands." Then Ms. Chaikheeva "runs her well practiced drills on the husbands; tricking them into breaking the Orders, getting them arrested, making designs on their assets, etc." And if the judge denies the petition, she will "take the wife to a different court and start over." [](23) (22) Neither the "Arkansas Justice Center" nor the "Arizona Center of Justice in Little Rock Arkansas" exist, nor do their e-mail adresses. They are not listed in any phone book, or government agency directory, and appear to be fabricated by Toybin and/or his friends.

(23) RipOffreport is a private business which requires that you must pay them to remove or dispute slander about you on their web site, which is why Yefim Toybin (and/or his associates) use this web site. The Ripoff Report is being currently sued by over a dozen companies for extortion, and has a $10 million outstanding judgment now. Several large cases are currently in Maricopa County Superior Court.
The Shield Foundation's tax records raise more eyebrows. In 2006 a company called Advance Alliance Management — which is not listed in the phone book, by the way — donated a two bedroom residence so the Shield Foundation could establish its own shelter.(24) (24) There is no requirement that a private company be listed in any phone book in Arizona. Any entity is free to donate to any legitimate charity for any purpose. This news should "raise more eyebrows" of those who do not donate to charity and who create illegal charities.
But according to my sources, the house had belonged to Olga's previous husband. When things went sour, Olga fabricated charges of aggravated assault(25). That got her the house(26) and landed her ex- in the slammer. (25) The charges of aggravated assault were proven in court by witnesses and police. A state grand jury indicted Sergei B Lawrikow of assault, he was arrested and convicted. He is been in prison in the US since 2001 (Criminal Case CR2001-007273, State Of Arizona v. Sergej Borisovich Lawrikow,  Superior Court, Maricopa County) All of this happened prior to Olga's involvement with the SHIELD Foundation.

(26) Olga was never an owner of this house. Her name was never on the title. The owner foreclosed the property because Lawrikow did not make payments before he was arrested. The investor that bought the foreclosed property rented it to Olga then donated it to the SHIELD Foundation during the real estate crash.
Olga Chaikheeva has ruined enough lives and reputations that a number of persons have banded together to expose her scams.(27) (27) The "persons" who banded together are abusive ex-husbands apparently under the leadership of Yefim Toybin, who seems to be manipulating Americans to help him abuse Russian immigrants.
One such person is Yefim Toybin, who legally immigrated to the United States in 1992 and now is a teacher and wrestling coach at a local high school. Married for 29 years, he told me, "We came to the United States for liberty and justice."(28) (28) Yefim Toybin claimed to have a registered non-profit charity and he was collecting "donations". His "Russian-American Forum — 'Dialogue'" (later renamed: "International Forum Dialogue", on June 1, 2009 his  website was off-line) was never granted charity status and never registered with the IRS or with Arizona Department of Revenue. Donated money and tax reports were never filed. Charity fraud is a felony. Yefim is not in prison now because he fraudulently took small amounts of money and none of the donors filed complaints. Court testimony proved that Toybin fraudulently listed two university professors as officers without their permission or knowledge. Apparenmtly, by the way Toybin talks and acts, he wants "liberty" for himself and his American friends who abuse Russian women, and his style of abusive "justice" for other Russian immigrants.
Reveling in his new-found American dream, Toybin formed a cultural organization to help Russian immigrants assimilate into Western society. But Olga tried to take control of the fledgling group. When he demurred, the woman threatened, "You will regret not cooperating with us."(29) (29)  Olga never had a position or interest in Yefim's illegal organization. She never applied or asked to be a member of the RAFD. Toybin made the same allegation in Phoenix Municipal Court in 2004 against Andrei Conovaloff, but he had no evidence and all 14 of his allegations were dismissed.(Case 3139276, Phoenix Municipal Court, 16 August 2004,  Judge Dominguez). In court, witnessed by dozens of Russian immigrants  and audio- taped, Conovaloff exposed Toybin's fraud, deception, and false filings with the Arizona Corporation Commision.
Toybin told me stories like Bob Hartzog's are not uncommon. So why does he go to pains to expose the corruption of the Shield Foundation? "I don't want this country to experience the same thing that happened in my former country," Toybin explains. "I want to protect justice, potential victims, and the future of this nation."(30) (30) Yefim Toybin is in close contact with abusive ex- husbands (including Olga's ex-husband), while calling their ex-wives "Russian prostitutes". He tried to slander and interrupt SHIELD Foundation work, for which the City of Phoenix Municipal Court has issued an Injunction Against Workplace Harassment (a Protective Order) against him. He can not disrupt Russian events or SHIELD activities any more, as he did many time before. He cannot go near the Arizona Russian Center or SHIELD office without violating the court order.
Posted November 16, 2008 on Google Groups Soc.Men:
Issues related to men, their problems & relationships. 
Above is edited from a reply posted November 18, 2008
Below the comments continue as Yefim Toybin continues.

gwfj ·  Comment ~ December 1, 2008, (A) This signed reply was posted while Yefim Toybin was under a court order to not harass the SHIELD Foundation. See: Yefim Toybin Guilty of Harassment, Pays $11,669.37: Phoenix Municipal Court ordered Toybin to stop harassing Russians, March 29 — Russian Arizona News
I am one of the positive characters mentioned in article.(A)
Fist of all, I want to thank Mr. Roberts for his courage to write a true article about people who are to be considered as a menace to society.(B) This is just ridiculous that people who don’t even have paid jobs (to the best of knowledge)(C), who, perhaps, don’t even pay taxes, have a bunch of spare time to INTIMIDATE, THREATEN GOOD, HARD WORKING, AMERICAN CITIZENS AND KNOWINGLY DAMAGE THEIR REPUTATION AND INTEGRITY.(D) (B) See corrections above.

(C) Toybin seems to be obsessed with destroying other non-profits which are successfully managed in Arizona by Russian immigrants while his has failed.

(D) The opposite appears to be the case. Toybin is destroying his own reputation and integrity by violating the law and assisting convicted abusers and criminals.

This is a small article that has described about 10% of Shield Foundation’s “BEST BUSINESS PRACTICES”(E). Since the name and reputation of the Shield has been severely damaged by the facts(F) open to the American People, they formed a new organization under exactly the same leadership(G) — Arizona Russian Center. ARC was fraudulently originated in the same way as Shield was by reinstating administratively closed well established non-profit organizations. (See AZ corporation commission records online).
(E) This should be about the "Safety Plan" for abuse.

(F) Yefim Toybin Guilty of Harassment, Pays $11,669.37: Phoenix Municipal Court ordered Toybin to stop harassing Russians, March 29 — Russian Arizona News

(G) Not "exactly", rather some of the SHIELD staff supports the ARC which Toybin cannot join.
They just posted a reply to this article(of course unanimously) in the best of their traditions on the site: (H) (H) That link does not work, this does:
Purpose is justified by the means — is their daily philosophy.(I) The more they lie the more people will believe it, they think. The fact that this is an anonymous reply ( that what they have successfully learned in former Soviet Union) speaks for it self. Millions of people have been brutally murdered in the Former USSR because there were people who wrote unanimous letter to KGB. Despite of the fear of their nasty retaliation, I am not afraid to voice my opinion. More detailed, based on true fasts, is coming. Truth will come out and justice will prevail. What the Shield Foundation and it’s accomplices have done it’s not just domestic violence cases that have been smartly fabricated according to the number of victims. Most significantly, I think, they have learned how to play the legal and judicial system in order to punish the ones who they try to destroy: sue people for no reasons and getting orders of protections against people like me.(J) (I) SHIELD provides services to and for the benefit of Women and their dependent children, who are the Victims of Domestic Abuse and/or of Domestic Violence.

(J) Yefim Toybin Guilty of Harassment, Pays $11,669.37: Phoenix Municipal Court ordered Toybin to stop harassing Russians, March 29 — Russian Arizona News

Gladly, their workable, for so many years, system is cracking down. Maricopa County Superior Court on November 25, 2008 (Shield Foundation v Yefim Toybin) has reversed a lower court decision to issue to Olga Chaikheeva / Shield Foundation and her accomplices the order of protection against me because of my educational writing to the public.(K) (K) The court records show this is not true. Yefim Toybin Guilty of Harassment, Pays $11,669.37: Phoenix Municipal Court ordered Toybin to stop harassing Russians, March 29 — Russian Arizona News
Dear Shield Foundation, your "best business practices" and corruption will be properly exposed to our nation.

PS Questions to the Shield Foundation and its volunteers: WHAT DO YOU ALL DO FOR LIVING? 

HOW DO YOU MAKE UP MONEY TO BUY FOOD AND PAY BILLS?(L) (L)  As most non-profit organizations, SHIELD is supported mainly by donations and volunteers, and occasionally grants.

Apparently the process of organizing, maintaining and managing a non-profit is beyond the understanding of Toybin, who failed to legally create and manage his own personal non-profit: American- Russian Cultural Forum 'Dialogue' (ARCFD). He irrationally blamed the GCC Russian Club and the SHIELD Foundation in court and on TV for his failures. Toybin used his self-assigned position as "Director" of the ARCFD (renamed to: International Cultural Forum "Dialog", web site offline) to yell at a judge, solicite donations to his "non-profit" charity with no legal registration with the IRS or State, whiule he fraudulently listed two Arizona university professors as board members without their knowledge. He is retaliating because his fraud and/or ignorance was revealed in court in 2004.
If Olga and Artt claim no ownership to the following companies, WHO IS / WAS THE OWNER OF Advance Alliance Management, Quick Fleet Auto, Commercial Management Company, CMC and etc.? (M) (M) Yefim Toybin: "Get a life!" You are an embarrassment to your former compatriots, to your students, and to people who once associated with you. The $20,000+ you spent on delusions and fantasy could have been donated to Russian- American charity for something worthwhile.
Yefim Toybin
(Hard working person, good citizen)(N)

(N) Then why do you commit fraud, support women abusers, and attack Russian immigrants?

Men's Rights Blog, May 1, 2009
Anonymous(a) said...

    Andy Conovaloff who pretends to be an expert in so many different fields is simply a common criminal with more than seventy criminal, civil and family cases behind him(b). Instead of working like most of the law abiding citizens in America, he is spending all his "quality time" in the court rooms playing the system or at his computer harrassing and abusing decent, honest and hard working people.(c)  In addition, he has been the main Internet promoter(d) of the very troubled organization(e) - "Shield Foundation". CBS 5 KPHO just released a special investigative report on the Shield and its big involvment in the immigration fraud and judial system abuse.(f) Good job Andy, Andrew or Andrei Conovaloff in your hard efforts to create a positive image for Olga Chaikheeva. It seems you may have slept with her like some other ones.(g) Or, may be you are receiving financial aid from the goverment as a volunteer of the Shield Foundation. That could explain why you protect her and hers illegal activies in OUR NATION.(h)
    Chaikheeva and you cannot falsify injunctions against harassment against the whole Russian community; we ALL are on the side of the law and justice.(i)
(a) This "Anonymous" appears to Toybin (above), who has been found guilty of harassment of SHIELD staff, with th help of an American abuser to edit his text.

(b) Many, not 70, and there are more to do. I have been defending religious property from theft and fraud, and protecting some family members from abuse by others with little legal help, then with the help of SHIELD.

(c) On the contrary, this is an example of people "working hard" to use their "quality time" and money (~$20K) for attorneys, TV time, and on the Internet for "harassing and abusing decent, honest and hard working" organizations and volunteers, which requires this correction of errors and omissions.

(d) You are not paying attention. Testimony in court showed that Conovalooff  is the volunteer SHIELD Foundation "web master". The SHIELD Foundation, is promoted by the police and government agencies, and is required to maintain a web site and e-mail address.

(e) The only "trouble" SHIELD gets is retaliation and abuse from confused and angry Yefim Toybin, John Tavernaro III,  Tatiana Lawrikowa-Yanko and her boyfriend- lover- husband- brother Sergei B. Lawrikow, (in prison), and their gang of foreign-bride abusers: Robert Steven Hartzog, Reed A. Simon, Richard Earl Bonn III, and associates.

(f) See: KPHO TV News Corrected - Part 1 (Edited)

(g) Olga occasionally gets this kind of mud-slinging from losers who are running low on shit to throw. It comes with the territory of stopping domestic violence. She is in the front row, third from right, in this 2006 law enforcement award photo, one of 8 women among 29 men.

(h) Does "OUR NATION" mean it's not Olga's nation? Or is this Yefim Toybin's nation and not that of the other 10,000 Russian immigrants in Arizona? My grandparents (mothers' and fathers') immigrated to Arizona from Russia about 100 years ago. Maybe you mean this is "your nation" and not my nation? In any case, why are you helping to import and abuse so many foreign brides to "OUR NATION", if not for sex?

(i) No petitions were filed by "Chaikheeva and you" against "the whole Russian community". Show the petitions. Only two peitions were filed, only by SHIELD against Yeifim Toybin after 4 years of his abuse. See: Yefim Toybin Guilty of Harassment, Pays $11,669.37

 — Andrei Conovaloff

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