13 Russian Actors to Visit and Perform

The actors who will perform Shakespeare's 12th Night in Russian at Gammage Auditorium, Arizona State University, on November 18, will visit your organization or class for a free guest lecture. They will be "in residence" starting Wednesday November 15.

The actors speak Russian with a translator, and could do a presentation or a lecture demonstration about their work with the show, touring in general, the production, their careers, etc. as well as a time for Q & A (questions and answers).

You can schedule them to appear for your organization or class on Wednesday November 15 or Thursday November 16 by contacting ASU's Assistant Events Coordinator, Capucine Jackson-Grimes by e-mailing capucine.jg@asu.edu or phone 480-965-6059. First come, first served, especially if you have big group interested in their work.

They are already scheduled for a free reception at Riva Yares’ Gallery, 3625 Bishop Lane, Scottsdale. Public invited. Time to be announced.

The cast (13 Russian actors) and crew are officially called the ASU Gammage "Beyond Broadway" touring company for the Russian Theatre Federation.

If you are interested in having a guest visit your class, organization or meeting, please contact Capucine Jackson-Grimes as soon as possible. She can schedule visits with the company members to accommodate your needs and that of our department’s requirements.

The following information is needed:
  1. Your name
  2. Your phone number and email address
  3. Your class (prefix, number, title) or organization name
  4. Number of students in the class/group
  5. SPECIFIC DAY/DATE you'd like them to visit
  6. SPECIFIC START/END TIME you'd like them to visit
  7. SPECIFIC BUILDING and ROOM NUMBER of your class
  8. Any particular focus you'd prefer (e.g., acting in the profession, stage-managing a tour, careers in the field etc.…)
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