30+ Students from FSU at Phoenix Science Fair

30+ students from the FSU are in Phoenix this week. They are among the 1,444 finalists in the world's largest student science fair representing Russia(16), Belarus(4), Ukraine(2), Kazakhstan(4), and Georgia(4). More are Russian-born living in the US.

They are showing in Chemistry(1), Computer Science(5), Earth Science(1), Engineering(2), Enviromental Science(1), Mathematics(9), Microbiology(3), Physics(2), Space Science(1).

Russian Club members David Price (Engineering) and Andrei Conovaloff (Mathematics) were two of about 1000 judges at the fair.

Visit the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for FREE at Phoenix Civic Plaza --
  • Thursday, May 12 (9 am - 9 pm), and
  • Friday,  May 13 (9 am - noon)
See the Finalist Directory for all exhibits and more information.

Articles in the Arizona Republic:

List of exhibits by students from the FSU:


CH005 Synthesis of Fullerene Derivatives for Design of Donor-Acceptor Dyads
Aleksey Borisovich Kornev, 16, Junior, Bryansky Lyceum #1,Bryansk, Bryansky Region, Russia, T: Pavel Anatolyevich Troshin

Computer Science

CS033 Modeling Environment for Particles Configuration Control in Magnetic and Electric Fields
Maxim S. Tkachenko, 17, Junior, Lyceum of Information Technologies #1533, Moscow, Russia, T: Anatoly M. Umnov

CS056 The Allocated System of Automatic Control and Modelling of Technical Structures
Alexey Korobitsyn, 17, Junior, Specialized School in Math, Physics & Informatics, Ust-Kamenogorsk, East Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan, T: Sergey Prisheptshik

CS057 Stereographical Stereometry
Saken Kungozhin, 18, Junior, The Republic Specialized School in Mathematics and Science, Almaty, Kazakhstan, T: Yerulan Zhiyenbayer

CS311T Collaborating Robots in Virtual Environment: Multi-Agent Approach
Vladimir A. Bazhin, 17, Junior
Ivan S. Zakharov, 17, Junior
Lyceum of Information Technologies #1533, Moscow, Russia T: Alexander V. Giglavy

Earth Science

EA004 Research of Influence of Solar Activity and Weather Affects on Human Health (Chronophysiological Aspects)
Ksenia Dolzenkova, 17, Junior,  School # 140, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, T: Marina Trubina


EN301T Increasing Efficiency of Rotorcraft by Using Y-Shaped Winglets
Nikoloz Gia Maghaldadze, 16, Junior
Davit Avtandil Khatiashvili, 17, Junior
42nd Physical-Mathematical School, Tbilisi, Georgia Republic T: Tornique Ioseb Mchedlishvili

Enviromental Science

EV010 The Complex Monitoring of the State of Different Wooden Kinds in the City Conditions with the Usage of Botanical and Chemical Methods
Uladzimir Bury, 16, Junior, Secondary School #95, Minsk, Belarus, T: Evgeniya Nikolaevna Yaroshevich


MA001 Unique Triangle
Tornike Iuri Mosiashvili, 16, Sophomore, Georgian-American
High School, Tbilisi, Georgia Republic, T: Mamuka Radish Meskhishvili

MA002 Diophantine Rectangular Parallelepiped
Lasha Emannuel Margishvili, 18, Junior, Georgian-American High School, Tbilisi, Georgia Republic, T: Mamuka Radish Meskhishvili

MA007 Minimization of a Shift as a Problem of Harmonic Analysis
Alexander Rotkevich, 17, Junior, Center of Mathematical Education, Saint Petersburg, Russia, T: Alexander Shashkin

MA021 Modeling Joint Behavior of Defaultable Entities: Multivariate Copula Methodology
Revaz Levan Surguladze (born in Georgia), 17, Senior, Stuyvesant High School, New York, New York, T: Bruce Winokur

MA031 Monids of Endomorphisms
Alexey Yu. Shubnikov, 16, Junior, Mathematical Education Centre, St. Petersburg, Russia, T: Ilya A. Chistyakov

MA035 A Classification of Maps from Graphs to the Plane with Disjoint Images
Nikita Yu. Odnobokov, 16, Junior, Advanced Education and Science Center of Moscow St, Moscow, Moscow, Russia, T: Arkadiy B. Skopenkov

MA302T Classification of Rational Associative Operations
Vladimir N. Trubnikov, 17, Junior
Oleg V. Mikhaylovsky, 16, Junior
Mikhail A. Ptichkin, 17, Junior
Centre of Mathematical Education, Saint-Petersburg, Russia T: Ilya Aleksandrovich Chistyakov


MI307T AIDS Virus and Immune Organism System Modeling
Alexey Yu. Shunin, 17, Junior
# Daniil V. Khritoshin, 16, Junior
Mathematical Education Centre, St. Petersburg, Russia T: Ilya A. Chistyakov

MA313T The Maltese Cross and Problems on Comparison of Areas
Aslan Kalabayev, 17, Junior
Ulan Kozybakov, 17, Junior
Aktobe Kazakh-Turkish Lyceum, Aktobe, Kazakhstan T: Muammer Gul


PH303T Non-linearity of Solitary Waves: What Can You Get Instead of Pleasant Holiday on the Coast of the Indian Ocean?
Alena A. Abramava, 17, Junior
Ann V. Mukhortava, 17, Junior
Lyceum of Belarus State University, Minsk, Belarus T: Anatolij Ivanovich Slobodjanjuk

Space Science

SP003 Gravitation Model of Relativistic Jet Curving of Active Galactic Nuclei
Aliaksei J. Kazlouski, 17, Junior, Lyceum of BSU, Minsk, Belarus, T: Alexander Leonidovich Poplavsky

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